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Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions.

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Our products are protected by the most advanced lacquer availiable and under normal circumstances should give many years service. They should be cleaned with a cloth moistened with soapy water or alternatively wiped over with a soft cloth with beeswax. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES USE ANY FORM OF METAL CLEANER OR AEROSOL SPRAYS.

However after a period of time the laquer coating, especially on external fittings, can suffer a possible breakdown. Therefore, the life of the laquer is beyond the manufacturers control and cannot be guaranteed.

When the laquer coating has broken down, remove the brass fittings and coat using a soft brush with acetone thinner e.g. "Nitromores" according to the manufacturers instructions. Completly dry the product using a soft cloth and polish with a metal polish such as "Brasso" or "Duraglit". At this stage the product can be either re-lacquered or polished as and when required.

A fresh coat of lacquer may be applied but we strongly recommend that, especially for external use, you should leave them unlacqured.

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It is recommended that all entrance doors are fitted with a mortice lock. Mortice locks provide greater front, side and back door security by being physically embedded, or "morticed" into the door itself. A mortice lock is therefore less vulnerable to ram or forced attack than a surface mounted lock.

Whenever possible try to fit mortice locks that are certified to BS3621 and which can be identified by the British Standard Kitemark symbol.

Mortice locks are available with a 2, 3 or 5 lever mechanism. The higher the number of "levers" the more difficult the lock is to "pick". For front, side and back doors it is recommended that British Standard 5 lever locks are fitted.

Mortice locks are available in a range of different case sizes. The case size is the measurement between the faceplace and the back of the lock as measured in millimetres (typically 54mm, 67mm or 80mm). The case size measurement therefore denotes the depth of the mortice slot in the door.

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Euro and Oval profiles refer to the type of barrel that is to be fitted to the door mechanism.

For a normal "traditional" shaped key you would fit a lock handle.

For a lock mechanism that has a large keyhole shaped mechanism that you use a "yale" type key in, you would fit a Euro profile handle.

For a lock mechanism that has a large oval shaped mechanism that you use a "yale" type key in, you would fit an Oval profile handle.

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For Internal doors where no security considerations are required a "Tube Latch" is sufficient. It is normal to fit a 64mm latch to door handles, and a 76mm latch to door knobs. This is because you require a little more clearance between your knuckles and the door frame with door knobs.

If you are fitting a lock with key to an internal door a 3 Lever mortice lock is normally sufficient.

If you are fitting a lock with a key to an exterior door a 5 Lever lock is recomended.

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Most of our mortice latches and sashlocks are of the EasyT design.

This means you do not have to open the case to change the handing of the latch mechanism.

Please note there is a blue plastic "key" in the packaging, this "key fits into the slot behind the latch which is oblong in shape with one end rounded.

Push the blue plastic "key" fully into the hole ensuring the rounded side of the key meets with the rounded side of the hole. The latch will now be pushed slightly out of the front of the lock and can be turned freely 180 degrees so reversing the handing.

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All our handle sets are sold without the locks or hinges, but do include spindles and screws where applicable.

We have a comprehensive range of Hinges and locking mechanisms available to you.

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Due to requirements imposed by the extra security restrictions we are unable to offer our usual delivery prices to the below postcodes.

Please ring for a separate quote or email if you are happy to receive your goods after 13th September.

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NW 1,8,10

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SE 1,3,7-11,13,18

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We are sorry for any delay and will resume normal deliveries as soon as possible.

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