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Product Care Instructions

Our products are protected by the most advanced lacquer availiable and under normal circumstances should give many years service. They should be cleaned with a cloth moistened with soapy water or alternatively wiped over with a soft cloth with beeswax. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES USE ANY FORM OF METAL CLEANER OR AEROSOL SPRAYS.

However after a period of time the laquer coating, especially on external fittings, can suffer a possible breakdown. Therefore, the life of the laquer is beyond the manufacturers control and cannot be guaranteed.

When the laquer coating has broken down, remove the brass fittings and coat using a soft brush with acetone thinner e.g. "Nitromores" according to the manufacturers instructions. Completly dry the product using a soft cloth and polish with a metal polish such as "Brasso" or "Duraglit". At this stage the product can be either re-lacquered or polished as and when required.

A fresh coat of lacquer may be applied but we strongly recommend that, especially for external use, you should leave them unlacqured.


These products are lacquered and should be treated in the same way as brass. As the bronze is an aqpplied finish we would expect it to wear over time, enhancing the antique effedt.


Our quality chrome products are virtually maintenance free. However, deposits will accumulate especially on external fittings. We therefore recommend regular cleaning with a soft cloth and non-abrasive wax polish. This will ensure the original appearance is maintained.


These products have an advanced vacuum treated process and we can offer a 25 year replacement guarantee with the exclusive stainless brass finish.

The technology involved in this process renders the surface impervious to damage in normal use including oxidisation wear and abrasion.

All laquered brass product require regular cleaning with non-abrasive wax polish.

We recommend the removal of surface dirt by dusting with a soft cloth. Stubborn stains can be removed with the use of white spirit or similar spirit based products.

Note. Brasso, Duraglit and Nitromores are copyright of their respective manufacturers.

Please phone for more details.
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